Green. Yellow. Red. The colored lights aboard the P.S.S.S. (Peelander-Space-Scholarship-Starship), signified that the ship had completed a successful landing. The crew aboard was especially pleased to know that their next stop on this American tour was appropriately located in a bowling alley. Quickly they stopped to ask for directions from a local native named Mike who referred them to another native named Mike who knew a friend of a friend who had been to a show above the Garden Bowl earlier in the week also named Mike. The crew thought to themselves, "So many Mikes".

Some eons back, Peelander Red, Peelander Yellow and Peelander Green had embarked on their inter-galactic journey. The purpose of the journey: to find an endless food supply for their ailing Planet-Peelander. By absorbing the happiness of human smiles through their P-skins and sending them back to their home, Planet-Peelander could live to see another day.

Arriving in Detroit on the P.S.S.S. they found that their quest for food was met with an even more difficult predicament. A depression existed here like nothing they had ever witnessed and they knew then that a second mission was clear; to help the city of Detroit remember how to smile.

Their early attempts to make the humans happy were met with empty glares, even scoffs. It was becoming more obvious to the crew that the challenge that lay ahead was more than they had anticipated. They tried hand clapping, a native expression of joy, but were unsuccessful. They implemented the headstand, but the humans just passed by. They even pretended to be trapped inside of an invisible box, but received no response. Peelander-Z quickly realized that this "rock city" needed to be rocked.

They performed an energetic set of punk songs for a packed house of converts to their cause. Equipped with a larger than life bowling pin costume and a giant squid body, they performed their human bowling ceremony for an exuberant audience. The audience threw their smiles at Peelander-Z faster than the trio managed to collect them. Meanwhile on Planet-Peelander flowers bloomed, babies giggled, the elderly regained their strength and Pee-Birds chirped as an overwhelming happiness overcame the land.

Following their monumental show at the Magic Stick packs of raving fans chased them back to their spacecraft. Crazed Pee-Zees clung to the P.S.S.S. begging to accompany them on the remainder of their journey. Peelander-Z boarded quickly knowing that they still had much work to be done and waved good-bye to an optimistic Detroit skyline. They watched lovingly from their ascent, feeling accomplished and full-bellied. Little did they know their next stop was Toledo.

- P. R. Simmon
The Garden Bowl remains America's oldest active bowling center. Built in 1913, the Garden Bowl was originally a ten lane house with a billiard room on the second floor that featured a tournament-size table complete with four grandstands all around for viewing billiard tournaments. Over the years the building was cut back thirty-five times in order to widen Woodward and the storefront became the Garden Bowl Bar. Building renovations in 1966 made way for more first-floor lanes and a billiards area. With 16 brand new lanes and a slew of colorful, engaging bartenders, the Garden Bowl has become a favorite hangout of Detroit musicians, artists and the like. Hundreds of visitors flock to the Garden Bowl each weekend to experience Detroit's Original Rock 'n' Bowl with DJs spinning everything from rock and punk to soul and funk while patrons bowl on glowing lanes.

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