The Detroit Opera House is architectural opulence (extravagant interiors playing off a commanding façade in the heart of Detroit's downtown) surrounding thin strips of industrial functionality, where an invisible army of union craftspersons and performers bring all of history in its singsong tragedy to the very feet of Detroit's socialites, factory workers, students, artists, and professionals.

The first shot of the day began in the modern exterior- the utility wings. We, the entourage, hid on the stairs outside the probing eye of the camera - a thin slice of panorama visible between the loading area to the left with its huge sliding door and the curtains at our right, the first foreshadowing of the lavishness ahead. Aran Ruth walks slowly by our keyhole of observation, singing- a song accompanied not by guitar but by the gentle susurrations of her dress on the floor and the sound of cars splashing through the melting snows outside.

The Opera House has a hand-me-down history that mirrors Aran Ruth's antique dress. Howard C. Crane (architect of the Fox Theater, The State Theatre, and the Orchestra Hall) designed the building, which opened in 1922. Beloved, abandoned, restored and abandoned and beloved again the theater survives to achieve its destiny in 1988 when it becomes the permanent home of the Michigan Opera Theater.

During every show, the lavish detail of the Theater fades; as the house lights dim, the true focal point of the night is illuminated: human drama, human motions. Young men never fall in love with the dress, but with the pale beauty of the singer within it. Detroit isn't hunched buildings, decaying factories, or lavish opera houses, but rather a union of dreams that germinate in the furrows of these structures, dreams that blossom only when the house-lights go out, and when the factory whistle blows, and when the girl takes off the guitar and sings by herself, but not alone.

- Phreddy Wischusen
1526 Broadway, Detroit

The Detroit Opera House is the home of Michigan Opera Theatre, the State of Michigan's premiere opera company, which, through its commitment to producing the very best professional productions from the grand opera, opera, operetta, musical theater, ballet and arts education programming, serves as a statewide cultural resource. Through the vision of internationally recognized impresario Dr. David DiChiera, the Detroit Opera House offers an essential, vibrant contribution to the quality of life for Detroit area residents and to communities throughout the region. This dynamic cultural resource exemplifies artistic excellence. Since its opening in 1996, the Detroit Opera House has offered Southeast Michigan the finest arts and cultural performances, concerts, and entertainment.

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